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- UCI Engine Wasp by John Stanback (USA)
- UCI Engine Senpai by Fabien Letouzey (France)

- FEOBOS, Frank's Encyclopaedia Of Balanced Opening Systems
  by Klaus Wlotzka and myself, helps by Ferdinand Mosca

News: May 11th, 2020

News: April 03rd, 2018


May. 11th, 2020 (20:30): FEOBOS v20.2 for Shredder GUI available!
FEOBOS Random Tool v1.11 available (Excel file)
Read more about ... Wasp News

Apr. 13th, 2020 (22:00):
More older Zarkov versions added on download area!
Very interesting: Zarkov 4.75 with his own Windows GUI!

Dez. 21st, 2019 (10:30):
Millennium The King Performance is available!
                         Wasp 3.75 on DGT Pi with adjustable 2358 Elo (max. possible = 2625 Elo) have a new opponent!

performance-a performance-b

The King Performance is a brand new fantastic, a wonderful chess computer with a program by Johan de Koning (The Netherlands).
With around 2350-2400 Elo (max. strength) on Cortex M7 with 300Mhz, 2048kb ROM
perfect for all of us.

A special thanks to Ossi Weiner Millennium 2000 GmbH.
Additional information about Ossi's new technical marvel can be found on Schachcomputer.info

On the pics can be see The King Performance with an older set of pieces from "Weible".
With such nice pieces in olive wood, available around the year 1984, more nice for looking!

Sep. 23rd, 2019 (22:30): Wasp 3.75 test-run = 2977 Elo, 4.000 games (6,732Mb) = +41 Elo to Wasp 3.60!!
Sep. 06th, 2019 (17:45): Wasp 3.75 released!

Wasp News

Since v3.60 Wasp can be run on DGT Pi ... more information