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Contemporary issue: FCP Tourney-2020, Tournament is still running (20.500 out of 41.000 games = 50,00%)

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 SLS/TLS: Security update, please change the URL
http://www.amateurschach.de to

 Website overworked, some changes, bugfixes!
 Working with: Win 10 Prof. x64, Radeon RX580, Firefox browser, speed = 250mbit
Prolite XUB2792QSU-B1 A (27'' IPS panel technology), WQHD (2560x1440)

 September 06th, 2020
 From September 07th - October 31st, 2020 no updates on my web site will be available.
 During this time the FCP Tourney-2020 is still running! Possible that Klaus Wlotzka improved the Excel files!

 More information can be found under: FCP-Tourney-2020, logs ... NEWS-23

 The current version of Excel statistics by Klaus can be download under:
  xlsx (*.zip, Microsoft Excel files)

 September 06th, 2020
Klaus Wlotzka is working on Excel statistics to the still running FCP Tourney-2020.
 Much more interesting stats will be follow after the tourney.
 We have the biggest interest to find out more about the playing styles of the participate TOP-41 chess engines!

 Three examples after round 25 of 50:
 Please click on the grafic (higher resolution)!





 August 13th, 2020

 Daniel José Queraltó
(Andorra), gave the permission to add his collection of Andscacs versions on my web site!
 56 UCI versions of Andscacs added, included are MAC and Linux versions (22,242Mb).
 Last two versions: 0.95 & 0.95-123


 Thanks go to Tony Mokonen & Alexander (helps for complement the collection).

 August 03rd, 2020
    Wasp News 28
 Ossi Weiner
, Millennium 2000 GmbH, gave the permission to add
 MCS Zarkov 5.0 & MCS Zarkov 5.01 in John's collection of older Zarkov versions!

 July 07th, 2020

 Ethereal 12.25 PEXT x64 played amazing games in the still running FCP Toruney-2020.
 I will give an example for a very nice combination (B82 opening system) ...


 Please click on the grafic (higher resolution)!

 FEOBOS 20.1 opening book started with position: 32.971 of 41.614
 With our own developed ranking system: Place 4.222 of 33.309 for Contempt = 3.
 Contempt = 3: Best 33.309 of 41.614 FEOBOS position included (2x 0,00 from 10 engine analyses allowed)
 The B82 game started after FEOBOS opening book moves with white move 13!

 FEOBOS is a balanced bugfree opening book. End positions checked by 10 engines, *.pgn sorted by number of ranking!

 Inside FEOBOS you can find to all 500 ECO codes the balanced material, 3 moves after ECO codes formed.


3rr1k1/1pqb1ppp/p7/2bp2P1/3B1P2/P2B1Q2/1PP4P/4RR1K w - -
 19. Bxh7!

 Ethereal 12.25 PEXT x64 vs. Fizbo 2.0 BMI2 x64, 1:0 (B82) after 45 moves (mate).
 FCP Tourney-2020, a game from round 02,

 June 26th, 2020
FCP-Tourney-2020 started!
 41.000 games, 40 moves + 5 seconds (Fischer) on 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i9-10900K

 June 20th, 2020   Wasp News 27
Wasp 4.00 DGT-Pi "image" file (3,560Gb) is available!
Thanks to www.schachcomputer.info admin Michael Völschow

 June 14th, 2020
   Wasp News 26
Wasp 4.00 is available!
 35-45 Elo stronger than Wasp 3.75, a new "wasp_book.bin" file and many other changes!