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Wasp 4.50 (current version)
by John Stanback
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FCP Tourney-2021, after round 35 out of 50!
graphics by Klaus Wlotzka
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Jun. 10th, 2021 (23:45)
The next long time event is over:  FCP Tourney-2021 (37 News)
40/12, 5-man, 768Mb hash, Intel i9-10900K 4.9Ghz, 41.000 games. 41 engines, ponder = off

t-table, results, pgn
v1.50.02, 197,123Mb after R50  (*.zip, ready files included)

Jun. 14th, 2021 (14:15):
*.zip file isn't complete ready. The final version will be v1.50.04!
Important for Klaus Wlotzka only!

Excel statistics by Klaus Wlotzka after R35  (*.zip, all files included)
ratings  cross-tab  special  (web presentation after R35)

Apr. 16th, 2021 (09:30)
(Elo calculation) by Marcus Kästner is available Downloads

Jan. 06th, 2021 (17:15)

DGT-pi image by Michael Völschow schachcomputer.info, message: 96152

Jan. 01st, 2021 (19:15)
Wasp 4.50 by John Stanback is available Wasp

2rr2k1/5ppp/2bBp2n/pp2P2P/3R1Q2/2PB4/1q3PP1/3R2K1 w - -
23. Qxh6 with mate in 12 moves!

ECO C18 position is produced with FEOBOS 20.1 Contempt 3 opening book.
FCP Tourney-2020, round 11/50, July 27th, 2020
Senpai 2.0 BMI2 x64 vs. Rodent IV 0.22 POPCNT x64, 1:0 after 32 moves.
Wasp 4.50 Modern x64 need 1.35 minutes for the correct mate in 12!
2.593.000 n/s, 1 core, 1024Mb for hash on Intel i9-10900K 4.9Ghz