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- UCI Engine Wasp by John Stanback (USA)
- UCI Engine Senpai by Fabien Letouzey (France)

- FEOBOS, Frank's Encyclopaedia Of Balanced Opening Systems
  by Klaus Wlotzka and myself, helps by Ferdinand Mosca

News: Apr 08th, 2019

News: April 03rd, 2018


*** NEWS ***

Apr. 08th, 2019 (22:00): New compile "wasp360-x32-ancient.exe" added!
Apr. 07th, 2019 (23:45):
A long text, additional release information by myself.
Apr. 07th, 2019 (22:30): DGT Pi "image file" changed!
Apr. 07th, 2019 (18:15):
Wasp 3.60 by John Stanback available!