- the home of Wasp ... the new chess program / engine by John Stanback (USA)

- a chess page for test results of chess programs/engines. If you are interested please note that ...
  A simpler version of my website can be found here:

- Please note that my FCP Rating List will be ended in December 2016.


A: The start page:
   The live test-runs probably are the most interesting part ...
   You can immerse yourself in the current test run and you can see the next events that will be follow.
   - FCP Rating List = The best engine version plays against each other 50 games (during a live test-run)
     Note: I am using this one for interim results.
   - Last database control
     I have a look at the live test runs on a daily basis!
     You can see when I checked the most recent games for the last time!
     1. Games “lost on time” will be immediately replayed.
     2. Games that ended in a draw within the first 20 moves will be immediately replayed.
        Note: Removed and marked with "e" in my opening book.
     3. Shredder Classic GUI games that ended after 300 moves will be immediately replayed.
     4. Games with an inadequate opening line will be immediately replayed.
        Note: Removed and marked with "f" in my opening book.
5. Games of ECO codes to often played inside the matches will be immediately replayed.
        Note: Around 50-60 games per test-run.
              Not possible that an opening book working by random can give a perfect allocation.

   - If to many engine updates: Possible that I skip the current version.

B: Selections (menu system):
Wasp by John Stanback, development information by John / beta-test by myself / downloads
   - "FCP Rating List, complete", All tested engine versions are listed
   - "FCP Rating List, Exp.", Engines with 2.000 games ore more are listed.
     Shredder 12 x64 with 2.800 Elo ... if you like to compare with the work by others.
   - "FCP Rating List", the best engine version plays against each other 50 games, with move stats & cross-tab.
     The cross table is by Ed Schröder (Protools).

   - "Playing styles = playing styles of engines (maybe subjective).
   - "Conditions", selection should be clear.
   - "Test-Run res., Comparsion" = Collected test-runs since v4.09 of my FCP Rating List.
     New is a comparsion between the last two tested versions.
   - links to engines can be found under "Engine sites"
   - links to sites of other computer chess lovers with similar content can be found under "Comparable sites"

   - Games can be found under "Download games by players" and in "Download" selection
     The complete history of my work can be found in my databases download:
     1. games with eval / ply / time in *.pgn format
     2. engine configuration files
     3. EloStat, Ordo, Bayeselo files, protools cross-tab (since v4.15)
     4. summary, ecolist, result list statistics files generated with the toolbox by Norm Pollock
     5. additional Bayeselo, Ordo, Shredder Classic GUI files (*.sto and *.html files)
     6. replayed games drawn within 20 moves
     7. replayed games drawn after 300 moves

C: FCP Live Book
   My book is still under development for ...
   Shredder Classic GUI by Stefan Meyer Kahlen:


Frank Quisinsky
November 11th, 2016