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TMET, chess computer
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"The Mephisto Expendables Tourney, TMET"
TMET will start around middle of March 2018

Of course, with the flag of The Netherlands (Ed Schroeder, Frans Morsch) and the German flag (Mephisto and German programmers)
Assorted colors for different chess computers? Or sets of pieces become confused!
Sure, Mephisto Polgar in "pink" and Mephisto Magellan as strongest chess computer in "black".
Have a look: The Modular board for Mephisto Magellan have a black border, very rarely!


A little story

Since October 2017 I try to collect a small group of interesting older Mephisto chess computers for an endless tournament. At this time, I had a lot of contacts to very friendly people from the chess computer community (most are Germans), examples: Ruud Martin, Werner Eberl, Andreas Mühlbradt, Eduard Miller, Gerd Klappich and much others. Most important my contact to Gerd Klappich. Gerd tuned 9 of 14 of my chess computer for my new idea. I had a lot of fun with him. Ruud and Andreas gave there help for tuning too. Unfortunately, the Mephisto Vancouver 68000 is still missing. I am sure it will be for me available sooner or later. If you need a person for tuning - with excellent technical understandings and knowledge - please contact me. I will send your request to Gerd if you like.

Frank Quisinsky

I have interest on Mephisto Modular / Mirage / Laptop boards only. The Exclusive / München wooden boards needs to many places. The modular board technique is perfect if I have switched defect parts. The quality of the older Mephisto chess computers is all the time, 25-35 years later, very high. It was not easy to create this "new" collection of older chess computers.

So, I have collected best material to perfect conditions. Modular type 2 & Modular type 4 boards, so each of the modules can be run under an own board. The older Mirage boards are type 1. The type of Modular board is important in questions of 5 / 6 volt.

Mephisto Modular (type 1, 2, 4 ... German WIKI)

In my opinion maybe better as the older original power adapter HGN 5001 or others from Mephisto / Saitek are:

Hint 1: goobay 59031, 3-12V x 600mA = max. 7.2W (example: 9V x 600mA = 5,4W)
Hint 2: Ansmann APS600, 3-12V x 600mA = max. 7.2W
Hint 3: Leicke NT03091, 9V x 1A (1000mA) = 9W

Hint 4: I am using for pieces 1mm felt (Filz in German) and Olfa Kreisschneider für Kreise von 1-15cm DM (link to Amazon)

Why I do that?
From time to time I must switch to another part of computer chess. I am buying and selling chess computers since I was 11 years old. More as 80 chess computers I had in my possession, my first was a Chess Challenger 7. Now I am 51 years old. I am sure I have a lot of fun to play myself vs. all the older Mephisto chess computer. After FEOBOS I will start the endless tournament. If I have time for it, new games can be play. Games and tournament table will be public on my site, why not.

But in my biggest interest for the future of maybe newer chess computer is, that one of our "perfect" FEOBOS opening books will be later included. I am sure, that a lot of people will have many funs with all the work around FEOBOS by Klaus Wlotzka and myself in combination with a new and strong chess computer.

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Small link collection
(to the topic chess computer, not sorted):

Schachcomputer WIKI (German)
Schachcomputer.info (German community)
Chess Computer UK
Blitzchess Nostalgie
Steve's Collection
Kurt's Schachcomputer Homepage (Kurt Kispert)

Franz Huber's Program Projects (chess computer simulation, fantastic work)
Manuals (by A. Zanchetta)
Ed Schröder (programmer of most of my chess computer, Ed is for myself the chief of "The Expendables")
Phoenix Chess Systems (Ruud Martin, interesting new projects around chess computer)
blaubaers Forum (Mysticum, chess computer)
Chess Computer Corner (forum)

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Mephisto starts to produce modules around 1983 / 1984!
Here Mirage and MM I modules in my Mephisto type 1 Mirage board.
Programmers of Mirage & MM I are Thomas Nitsche & Elmar Henne (Germany)
MM I was tuned with HG170 opening eprom.
With around 1.400 Elo both aren't strong enough for my tournament.


Participant 01 of 13
One year later in 1985 the MM IIa was available!
Programmer of MM IIa is Ulf Rathsman (Germany)
MM IIa tuned with HG240 opening eprom and from 3,7 to 7,4Mhz
With Polgar my personal favorite! Very strong after tuning.
I have many fun with MM IIa since I have it.

Participant 04 of 13
Again, one year later in 1986 Rebell 5.0 was available!
Programmer of Rebell 5.0 is Ed Schröder (The Netherlands)
Rebell 5.0 is tuned from 5 to 9Mhz.
Tactically very danger!

Participant 02 of 13
Again, one year later in 1987 MM IV was available!
Programmer of MM IV is Ed Schröder (The Netherlands)
MM IV tuned with HG440 opening eprom and from 5 to 10Mhz.
v7.1 (two versions are available)
Lesser tactic, playing style is designed more positionally.

In 1989 Roma II and Polgar modules are available!

Participant 05 of 13
Programmer of Roma II is Richard Lang (England)
Roma II tuned from 10 to 20Mhz, running on 68000 Motorola processor
Positionally playing style, good for endgames.

Participant 06 of 13
Programmer of Polgar is Ed Schröder (The Netherlands)
Polgar tuned from 5 to 10Mhz with a nice OLED in yellow color.
v1.5 (two versions are available)
Mix from positional and tactically playing style, better in endgames as the other modules I have from Ed.
Gerd Klappich produced two VOLT modules for myself. I need it for all the different modules and Modular boards for testing.
Polgar is running on type 2 Modular with 5,76 volt for an example!


Participant 04 of 13
In the year 1990 the MM V was available.
Programmer of MM V is Ed Schröder (The Netherlands).
MM V tuned with HG550 opening eprom and from 5 to 10Mhz.
v5.1 (two versions are available)
Tactical playing style, maybe the strongest 8bit chess computer with the Nigel Short eprom update for Milano?

Participant 08 of 13
In the year 1992 the Modena was available.
Programmer of Modena is Frans Morsch (The Netherlands).
Modena is tuned from 4 to 8Mhz.
Same program years before available in CXG Sphinx Dominator.
Tactial playing style with problems in endgames.

Participant 12 of 13
John Stanback
(USA) released in the year 1992 Zarkov 2.60 / 2.61.
I am using an older Pentium I Notebook with 166Mhz and MS DOS 6.22 from 1998.
Notebook was never used before, a brandnew older Notebook.
In my tourney Zarkov 2.61 will play with 25% of time.
The playing style of Zarkov (name of predecessor is Wasp) is human like.


Participant 09 of 13
In the year 1991 the Milano was available.
Programmer of Milano is Ed Schröder (The Netherlands).
With an eprom update the program Nigel Short from 1993 can be used!
My Milano is tuned with Nigel Short eprom, from 5 to 10Mhz and has a yellow display.
The Nigel Short program is a good mix between MM V and Polgar in playing style.
The last and maybe the most interesting 8bit program by Ed Schröder.

Participant 10 of 13
In the year 1996 the Milano Pro was available.
Programmer of Milano Pro is Frans Morsch (The Netherlands).
My Milano Pro is tuned from 20 to 28,4MHz.
The Milano Pro has the same programe as Senator (without RAM for hash).
Atlanta into laptop case and Magellan modulars are more expensive with RAM for hash.
It can be interesting to have both in my tournament, have a look in my further comments to the next participant.

Participant 07 of 13
And the chess computer community are waiting many years.
In 1998 Saitek comes with the MM VI / Senator / Magellan different new modules.
Programmer of these modulares is Frans Morsch (The Netherlands)
Ruud Martin tuned my Senator with a 512kB memory and Magellan was born!
Maybe the most interesting older chess computer, because this program produced from human perception a fantastic playing style.

Participant 11 of 13
released in 2015 Chess Genius and in 2016 Chess Genius Pro.
Programmer is Richard Lang (England).
Chess Genius is running with an ARM Cortex M4 with 48Mhz, Chess Genius Pro with 120Mhz.
I dislike the display and pieces, I changed that.
For my tourney I will used Chess Genius!

Participant 13 of 13: Frank Quisinsky (of course, I have interest to play).

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- the tourney will start around middle of March 2018
- endless tourney, each one vs. each other
- new games can be produce if I have time for it, maybe 50-100 per year? I don't know!
- time control will be 1 minute per move

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Tournament table / games
Possible that I added with times other chess computer!

Participants (13) MM IIa MM IV MM V Rebell 5.0 Roma II Polgar Magellan Modena Nigel S. Milano Pro Genius Zarkov F. Qy. ~ Elo *1 Points
01. Mephisto MM IIa, 7,4Mhz, HG240 x                         1.700  
02. Mephisto MM IV, 10Mhz, HG440   x                       1.825  
03. Mephisto MM V, 10Mhz, HG550     x                     1.900  
04. Mephisto Rebell 5.0, 9Mhz       x                   1.775  
05. Mephisto Roma II, 20MHz         x                 1.850  
06. Mephisto Polgar, 10Mhz           x               1.925  
07. Mephisto Magellan, 20Mhz             x             2.050  
08. Mephisto Modena, 8Mhz               x           1.825  
09. Mephisto Nigel Short, 10Mhz                 x         1.900  
10. Mephisto Milano Pro, 28,4Mhz                   x       1.975  
11. Millennium Chess Genius, 48Mhz                     x     2.025  
12. Zarkov 2.61 *2                       x   2.000  
13. Frank Quisinsky *3                         x 2.100  

*1 Elo for older chess computer from SSDF or Computer Chess WIKI are in my humble opinion to high. Elo was set by my own experience & knowledge based on own results & impessions.
*2 Zarkov 2.61 will be run on an older Pentium I 166Mhz Notebook under MS DOS 6.22 operating system with 25% of time (15sec. per move).
*3 Own Elo is unlcear. After results vs. chess players from different chess clubs I should have around 2.100 Elo but for around 8 years.

Download all games in *.pgn (0 games, 0,00kb)

I am looking for ...

- Roma II, original manual
- two Mephisto Modular boards more for ...
  1. Mephisto B&P module
  2. Mephisto Vancouver or Lyon module set

Frank Quisinsky