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Last changes: August 14th, 2017, 08:00


Other interesting engines or information about engine developments can be found here:
TalkChess, Computer Chess Wiki, CCW Forum, Chess Programming WIKI,
SDChess News, WBEC, Jim Ablett, Ed Schröder & download, Norbert Raimund Leisner


Comparable sites, well-assorted in alphabetic order!
ACCC (Arnaud's Computer Chess Corner) by Arnaud LOHÉAC
CCRL (Computer Chess Rating Lists) by an International group of user
CEGT (Chess Engines Grand Tournament) by an International group of user
Computer Chess Oldies (tourneys of older engines) by Günther Höhne
FGRL (Fast GMs Rating Lists) by Andreas Strangmüller
IPON Rating List by Ingo Bauer
NCRL (Nunemaker Chess Rating List) by Chad Nunemaker
Owl Computer Chess Engine Blitz by John Wilson
PCSchach (Computerschach Corner) by Gerhard Sonnabend
SCCT (SEDATCHESS) by Sedat Canbaz
SPCC (Stefan Pohl Computer Chess) by Stefan Pohl
SSDF (Swedish Svenska schackdatorföreningen) by a Swedish group of user
TCEC Facebook (Thoresen Chess Engines Competition) by Martin Thoresen
TCEC LIVE by Martin Thoresen
TCERL (Top Chess Engine Rating List) by Paul Doire
ToMs Schachseite & ECT-2014 / 2015 by Thomas Teipel


I am using ...
Bayesian Elo Rating (v. 0086, Elo calculation) by Rémi COULOM
Bayesian Elo Rating (v. 0087.3, Elo calculation), JA changes by Ferdinand Mosca
Chessbase (v14 Upd 7, database) by Matthias Wüllenweber
Chessdroid (A chess experience for the Android user) by Gurcan Uckardes
Elostat 1.3 (v. 1.3, Elo calculation) by Frank Schubert
Ordo (v. 1.2.6, Ratings for chess and other games) by Miguel A. Ballicora
Shredder Computer Chess (GUI & Shredderbases) by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen
Scorpio EGTB Bitbases & Syzygybases (torrent)
   Latest "egbbdll64.dll", v. 4.1 (March 24th, 2014, 181.760 bytes)

by Joshua Shriver
by Daniel Shawul
by Ronald de Man (Sygyzybases)
by Kirill Kryukov (endgame bases overview)
Gaviotabases  (endgame databases) by Miguel A. Ballicora
Nalimov Tablebases  (4men endgame databases) by Eugene Nalimov & Andrew Kadatch
Winboard (GUI, v. 4.8.0), H.G.Muller (Wiki) by Harm Gert Muller
Cute Chess (GUI, v. 1.0.0) by Ilari Pihlajisto & Arto Jonsson
ChestUCI (mate solving UCI engine) by Franz Huber
Scid, v. 4.6.4, vs.PC v4.17 (GUI, Shane's Chess ID) by Shane Hudson
Norm's Chess Downloads (June 22nd, 2017, tools) by Norm Pollock
PGN-Extract (v. 17-51, important *.pgn tool) by David J. Barnes
FTPTrigger (LIVE tool) by Lars Bremer
Protools (v. 1.6, tools, cross-tab I am using)  by Ed Schröder
Swiss-Chess (v. 8.97, tournament manager)  by Dipl.-Ing. Franz-Josef Weber
Python (v. 3.6.2, Programming language) by Python Software Foundation
CPU-Z (v. 1.80.1, Bench) by Franck DELATTRE
Notepad++ (v. 7.4.2, Editor) by Don HO