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Last changes:
June 18th, 2021

Other useful engines / information about engine developments, computerchess can be found here:
Chess2u Forum, CSS Forum, Hiarcs Forum, ProDeo Forum, TIP Schachcomputer.info Forum, Schachfeld Forum, TalkChess Forum
Computer Chess Wiki,
TIP Chess programming WIKI, TIP RWBC chronology (permanently updated), SDChess News
WBEC, Jim Ablett, Ed Schröder, Norbert Raimund Leisner (URL-2 GoogleDrive
), Pavel Hase, Tirsa Poppins, Wiki downloads


Comparable sites (organizations, ratings, private web sites), well-assorted in alphabetic order!
DSB (Deutschach Schachbund) by Deutscher Schachbund e.V.
FIDE (International Chess Federation) by International Chess Federation
ICGA (International Computer Games Assoiation) by IOS Press Amsterdam
ACCC (Arnaud's Computer Chess Corner) by Arnaud LOHEAC
Bill Wall's Chess Page (More on chess than any website in the world) by William D. Wall
Black Diamond (GitHub) (Android OS) by Michael Byrne, projects (GitHub)
CCRL (Computer Chess Rating Lists) by an International group of users
CEGT (Chess Engines Grand Tournament) by an International group of users
Cerebellum (opening book project) by Stefan Zipproth
Chess.com (play live chess) by chess.com
Chess Tempo (trainieren, lernen, spielen) by chesstempo.com
CSS Online (older computer chess newspaper) by Dieter Steinwender
Die Schwalbe (Problemschach) by Schwalbe, deutsche Vereinigung für Problemschach e.V.
ECO codes (list of chess openings) by 365chess.com
EVComp (News, Links) by Emil Vlasak
FGRL (Fast GMs Rating Lists) by Andreas Strangmüller
Glarean Maganzin (Musik, Literatur, Schach, Rätsel) by Walter Eigenmann
Infinity Chess (chess server) by Innovative Solutions
Les Diodes du Roi (around chess programs) by Eric TERRIEN
lichess.org (chess server) by lichess.org
Live Ratings (current ratings) by 2700chess.com
Perlen vom Bodensee (das Schachmagazin) by Conrad Schormann
TIP RWBC (Günther Simon, Computer Chess) by Günther Simon
SCCT (SEDATCHESS) by Sedat Canbaz
TIP Schachcomputer.info (around chess computers) by Michael Völschow & Sascha Warnemünde
Schachgeschichte (historische Schachthemen) by Dr. Harald E. Balló
Schachspieler, Krimifans und Beamte (Schachbücher) by Uwe Bekemann
SPCC (Stefan Pohl, Computer Chess) by Stefan Pohl
SRL (Speedy Rating List)  by Ed Schröder
SSDF (Swedish Svenska schackdatorfoereningen) by a Swedish group of users
TCEC (Top Chess Engine Competition), TCEC wiki by Anton Mihailov
TWIC, The Week in Chess (Daily Chess News and Games) by Mark Crowther
GUI's, utils, Elo calculation, Polyglot, endgame bases ... well-assorted in alphabetic order!
Arena (GUI, v3.5.1) by Martin Blume
Banksia (GUI, v0.45), Chess Tournament Manager (GitHub) (v3.0) by Nguyen Hong Pham
Bayesian Elo Rating (v0086, Elo calc.) by Remi COULOM
Bayesian Elo Rating (v0087.3, Elo calc.), JA changes by Ferdinand Mosca, projects (GitHub)
BookUp (Professional Chess Openings Software) by CB Software
Chess GUI (GUI, v0.245m) by Matthias Gemuh
Chess OK (GUI Aquarium / GUI Chess Assistant, v21) by Convekta Ltd.
Chessbase (Chessbase GUI: v16 upd. 05, Fritz GUI: v17 upd. 24) by ChessBase GmbH, Matthias Wüllenweber
ChessPad (GUI, PGN database, v2.0.9) by WML Software
ChessTutor (GUI, Learning software), review (in german language by myself) by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen
ChessX (GUI, PGN database, v1.5.7) by Jens Nissen
TIP ChestUCI (mate solving UCI engine, CB-Emu v10.06.2021 & Tasc-Emu) by Franz Huber
Cute Chess (GitHub) (GUI, v1.2.0) by Ilari Pihlajisto & Arto Jonsson
Droidfish (GitHub) (GUI, v1.85, Android OS) by Peter Österlund, projects (GitHub)
Elo+ (Elo calc.) by Marcus Kästner
Elostat 1.3 (v1.3, Elo calc.) by Frank Schubert
Hiarcs Chess Explorer (GUI, v1.10.1) by Mark Uniacke
Kvetka (v4.1.1, program for chess game analyses) by Dmitry Bodyagin
LiGround (GitHub) (GUI, v0.2.0) by Johannes Czech
LittleBlitzer Chess (v2.74, tournament manager)  by Kimien Software
Lucas Chess, dev (GitHub) (GUI, v11.17) by Lucas Monk
Nibbler (GitHub) (GUI, v2.1.6) by Mr. X (name unknown)
Norm Pollock's Chess Downloads (Mai 06th, 2021, tools) by Norm Pollock
Ordo (GitHub), webpage (v1.2.6, ratings for chess and other games, Elo calc) by Miguel A. Ballicora
PGN-Annotator (v1.2, analyze *.pgn databases) by Ed Schröder & Ferdinand Mosca
PGN-Extract (v21-02, important *.pgn tool) by David J. Barnes
PGN Mentor (v5.0, *.pgn database & study program) by Mr. Y (name unknown)
Python Chess (pure Python chess library) by Niklas Fiekas
Scid (GUI, v4.7.0), vs.PC v4.22 (GUI, Shane's Chess ID)
Caissabase (current database from November 14th, 2020)
Knowledge Base (v1.0)
by Shane Hudson
by caissabase.co.uk
 by Ed Schröder
Sevilla (v18.4.1, organization of chess tournaments) by JBF Software
Shredder Computer Chess (GUI v13 & shredderbases) by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen
Somu (utils, protools successor, v1.7a)  by Ed Schröder
Swiss-Chess (v9.26, organization of chess tournaments)  by Dipl.-Ing. Franz-Josef Weber
The Tarrasch Chess GUI (GUI, v3.13b) by Bill Forster
Winboard (GUI) by Tim Mann
Winboard (GUI, v4.8.0), v4.9.1 by Harm Gert Muller
Certabo (chess computer) by Invethio Srl
CT800 (v1.4.2, chess computer) by Rasmus Althoff
DGT projects (Digital Game Technology, chess computers) by DGT projects
TIP PicoChess, Google Group, v0.9n, v3.0 (GitHub), Wasp News-17 by Jürgen & Dirk, Wilhelm, others!
Millennium 2000 GmbH (chess computers) by Millennium 2000 GmbH
Polyglot ++ (v1.7a, chess opening book program)  by Ed Schröder
Polyglot (chess opening book program, description by Fabien Letouzey)  by Leo Dijksman
Polyglot (chess opening book program, description) by Harm Gert Muller
Polyglot-1 (GitHub),   Polyglot-2 (GitHub), (chess opening book program)
   v1.4.70b, v1.4.67b-1, v2.0.3, cygwin v3.2.0
by Fabien Letouzey and ...
     Huang Chen & Michael Van den Bergh & Fonzy Bleumers

Endgame bases!
Kirill Kryukov (endgame bases overview)
short text file to 5-man
   for engine configuration useful
Gaviota, Nalimov, Scorpio & syzygy (torrent) by Joshua Shriver
Gaviota  (endgame bases), Mirror lichess (directory "standard") by Miguel A. Ballicora
Lomonozov (7-man online, lomonozov endgame bases) by Computer Science department of Moscow State University
Nalimov  (4-man endgame bases) by Eugene V. Nalimov & Andrew Kadatch
Nalimov & syzygy  (endgame bases) by Steinar H. Gunderson
Scorpio (GitHub)
   latest "egbbdll64.dll" (November 13th, 2020, 66.048 bytes) for NN
latest "egbbdll64.dll" (March 24th, 2014, 181.760 bytes) without NN, v4.1
   latest "nnueprobe.dll" (November 15th, 2020, 57.859 bytes)
   latest "nncpuprobe.dll" (November 15th, 2020, 84.992 bytes)

   latest "nnprobe.dll" (December 12th, 2020, 76.875.776 bytes)
by Daniel Shawul
end of the site the download link for v4.1
Shredderbases  (6-man online, shredder endgame bases) by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen
syzygy (GitHub) (endgame bases) by Ronald de Man
syzygy (7-man online, syzygy endgame bases) by Ronald de Man
Chess shops, publishing company's, others (NON chess programs) ...
ChessBazaar (shop) Mohali, Punjab
Chess & Bridge (shop) London
Chessgate (older shop, have a look to iSchach) D-50226 Frechen
Chess Informant (Sahovski, shop) Beograd
CHESSPOINT.ch (shop) Gerlafingen
CHESS STARS Publishing (publishing company) Sofia
Chess USA (shop) North Massapequa
ChessWare (shop) D-89264 Weissenhorn
Der Schachtherapeut (publishing company) D-67304 Eisenberg-Stauf
Edition Jung (shop, publishing company) D-66424 Homburg
Edition Marco (shop, publishing company) D-14059 Berlin
Edition Olms (publishing company) Zürich
Elektroschach (shop) D-01201 Berlin
Elk and Ruby (publishing company) U.S.A.
Euro Schach Dresden GmbH & Co KG (shop) D-01159 Dresden
Everyman Chess (publishing company) London
Gambit-Publications (publishing company) Berkshire
Holz-Leute KG (chess material) D-80331 München
Humboldt Verlag (publishing company, offer chess books) D-30130 Hannover
iSchach (shop, publishing company) D-41334 Nettetal
Jens-Erik Rudolph Verlag (shop, publishing company) D-22043 Hamburg
Jugendschachverlag (shop, publishing company, newspaper) D-01159 Dresden
Jussopow Chess Academy (shop, publishing company) D-89264 Weissenhorn
Karl (Schachzeitung, newspaper) D-60596 Frankfurt
Leduetorri (shop) Bologna
McFarland (shop, publishing company) North Carolina
NEW IN CHESS (shop, publishing company) Alkmaar
Official Staunton Chess Company (shop, publishing company) Shropshire
Quality Chess (shop, publishing company) Glasgow
Rochade Europa (Schachzeitung, chess newspaper) D-71394 Kernen
Royal Chess Mall (shop) Amritsar, Punjab
Schach (Schachzeitschrift, chess newspaper / Exzelsior Verlag) D-10245 Berlin
Schachhaus Mädler (shop, publishing company) D-01309 Dresden
Schachmagazin 64 (Schachzeitschrift, chess newspager) D-28195 Bremen
Schach Niggemann (shop, publishing company) D-48163 Münster
Schach-Shop (shop) Eglisau
Schach und Münzfirma Fruth (shop) D-06108 Halle
Schach- und Spiele (alles rund um das Schachspiel, Michael Ehn) A-1060 Wien
Schachverlag Kania (shop, publishing company) D-71735 Eberdingen
TIP Schachverlag und Schachversand Reinhold Dreier (shop) D-67061 Ludwigshafen
Schachversand Huber (shop) A-4222 Langenstein
TIP Schachversand Ullrich (shop, Joachim Beyer-Verlag) D-97483 Eltmann
Schachwelt / Schachreisen (shop, publishing company) D-65510 Hünstetten
Staunton Castle (shop) Ontario
The House of Staunton (shop) Huntsville
The Regency Chess Company (shop) Bath
Thinkers Publishing (shop, publishing company) Nevele
Udo Degener Verlag (publishing company) D-14482 Potsdam
Ulbrich Spieledesign (shop) D-91085 Weisendorf
Verlag Chaturanga (shop, publishing company) D-55767 Nohen
Verlag Die Werkstatt (shop, offer chess books) D-26180 Rastede
Verlag und Verlagsservice Schneidewind (shop, offer chess books) D-06112 Halle
Wernis Schachlade (shop, offer chess books) Meggen
ComputerBase (hardware, software news & downloads) by ComputerBase GmbH
CoreTemp (v1.17.1, CPU information, temps) by Artur Libermann
CPU-Z (v1.96.1, CPU information) by Franck DELATTRE
Crystel Disk Info (v8.12.2, HD / SSD tool) by Noriyuki Miyazaki
Fling Plus (v5.04, FTP client) by NCH Software
HWinfo (v7.04, system information, temps) by Martin Malik
TIP Notepad++ (v8.1, editor) by Don HO
PrivaZer (v4.0.25, cleaning tool) by Goversoft
Process Explorer (v16.42, task manager) by Mark Russinovich
Python (v3.9.5, programming language) by Python Software Foundation
TIP Total Commander (v10.00, file manager) by Christian Ghisler
Win32 Disk Imager (v1.0.0, tool for DGT-Pi images) by Michael Casadevall