Last changes: July 27th, 2022
back to FCP Index 56.287Mb Opening book (*.bin, *.ctg, *.bkt, all files in *.epd & *.pgn) 34.547Mb Andscacs collection by Daniel José Queraltó (Andorra)
5.205Mb Senpai collection by Fabien LETOUZEY (France), projects 8.919Mb AnMon collection by Christian BARRETEAU (France) 47.553Mb Gandalf collection by Steen Suurballe (Denmark) 2.904Mb Ruffian collection by Perola Valfridson (Sweden) 1.533Mb
Elo calculation program by Marcus Kästner (Germany) 0.075Mb Elo calculation program by Frank Schubert (Germany) 42.904Mb Utility collection by Ferdinand Mosca (Philippines), projects 0.201Mb Tool by Voker Annuss (Germany) that created test sets from *.pgn 0.138Mb Winboard adapter by Odd Gunnar Marlin, projects 30.887Mb 4men Nalimov Tablebases by Eugene V. Nalimov & Andrew Kadatch 




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Exception: The own FEOBOS files