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Copyright: Frank Quisinsky
Last changes: August 14th, 2017, 08:00

Additional download place from ...
Ferdinand Mosca (Philippines) & John Stanback (USA) & Steen Suurballe (Denmark)

493.750 games are available here (SWCR1, SWCR2 & FCP rating systems)!

older material
fcp-rating-list-v4.49-complete-files.zip *1 510,011Mb  Final: 312.550 games
fcp-live-book-v4.49.zip *4 6,013Mb  Final: Opening book for Shredder GUI (477.395 moves, 86.978 lines)
swcr2-27380.zip *2 43,977Mb  Final: 27.380 games
swcr1-153820.zip *3 68,409Mb  Final: 153.820 games
my-older-tourneys_30183.zip 13,916Mb  Older swiss tourneys, CCE-Tourney, ATL1-2 and ATL4 games!
older-official-games_8829.zip 2,364Mb  8829 official computer chess games from my older CC-Calendar (1990-2006)
older-official-games_2549.zip 0,795Mb  2549 collected additional official computer chess games by Franz Huber (2006-2015)
engines / tools
wasp_201.zip *5

wasp_200.zip *5

wasp_125.zip *5

wasp_102.zip *5

wasp_101.zip *5




 Wasp 2.01 by John Stanback (UCI: v2.01 BMI2 x64, v2.01 x64 & v2.01 w32)
 Wasp 2.00 by John Stanback (UCI: v2.00 BMI2 x64, v2.00 x64 & v2.00 w32)

 Wasp 1.25 by John Stanback (UCI: v1.25 BMI2 x64, v1.25 x64 & v1.25 w32)

 Wasp 1.02 by John Stanback (UCI: v1.02 BMI2 x64, v1.02 x64 & v1.02 w32)

 Wasp 1.01 by John Stanback (UCI: v1.01 BMI2 x64, v1.01 x64 & v1.01 w32)
zarkov_older-versions.zip *5 5,202Mb  Zarkov by John Stanback (USA)
 Collection of DOS, Windows & Winboard versions!
deep-gandalf_7-beta.zip *5 5,109Mb  Deep Gandalf 7 Beta by Steen Suurballe (Denmark)
 The last version of UCI Gandalf (2006)!
gandalf_older-versions.zip *5 119,943Mb  Gandalf by Steen Suurballe (Denmark)
 Collection of DOS, Winboard / UCI versions!
ruffian_202-210.zip *5 2,904Mb  Ruffian by Perola Valfridson (Sweden)
 Support: From an old commercial project (2004), versions 2.02 / 2.10.
 Included is Ruffian 2.00 and Ruffian Leiden / opening book.
game-extractor_v1.3.zip *5 2,618Mb  Version 1.3: Program by Ferdinand Mosca
 Extract games based on criteria.txt file and user specified analyzing engine.
chess-game-analyzer-gui-v012.zip *5 7,951Mb  Version 0.12: Program by Ferdinand Mosca
 Takes *.pgn file and analyze the games in it with GUI!
chess-game-analyzer_v34.zip *5 3,794Mb  Version 3.4: Program by Ferdinand Mosca
 Takes *.pgn file and analyze the games in it!
universal-pgn-epd-tool_v2.zip *5 3,884Mb  Version 2: Program by Ferdinand Mosca
 Filter out games with "bad" eval after opening book moves with "other possibilities".
ccrl-cegt-tc-adaptor-calculator.zip *5 7,161Mb  Version 1.1 CCRL / Version 1.3 CEGT: Programs by Ferdinand Mosca
 Time control adaptors for your hardware!
pngs_v3.zip *5 2,945Mb  Version 3: Program by Ferdinand Mosca
 Player number of games summary, white / black proportional distribution!
mlgceg_v4.zip *5 2,860Mb  Version 4: Program by Ferdinand Mosca
 Move length and game counts with ECO generator!
sgbp_v2.zip *5 0,003Mb  Version 2: Python script by Ferdinand Mosca
 Extract games by player and color sorted by date latest first given a single *.pgn file!
pcgg_v1111.zip *5 0,004Mb  Version 1.11.1: Python script by Ferdinand Mosca
 "Piece Counts Game Generator" for statistics!
game-stat-gen_v2.zip *5 0,444Mb  Version 2: Tool by Ferdinand Mosca that created stats from *.pgn files.
pgn-selection_v1.zip *5 0,201Mb  Tool by Voker Annuss that created test sets from *.pgn files.
elostat_v13.zip *5 0,075Mb  Elo calculation program by Frank Schubert.
4men-nalimov.zip *5 30,887Mb  4men Nalimov Tablebases by Eugene Nalimov & Andrew Kadatch


*1 = Included:
games with eval / ply / time in *.pgn format
- history of all engine configuration files
history of all EloStat, Ordo, Bayeselo files, protools cross-tab

- history of all summary, ecolist, resultlist statistics by Norm Pollock
- history of all additional Bayeselo, Ordo, Shredder GUI files
- history of all games
that ended in a draw within the first 20 moves
- history of all non-completed games that ended after 300 moves

*2 = Included:
games with eval / ply / time in *.pgn format
EloStat, Ordo, Bayeselo files

- summary & ecolist stats by Norm Pollock
- ratings of all 30260 SWCR2 games

*3 = Included:
games without eval / ply / time in *.pgn format
EloStat, Ordo, Bayeselo files

- summary & ecolist stats by Norm Pollock
- ratings of all 181200 SWCR1 games

*4 = Included:
- settings, *.png files

*5 = available downloads with permissions by the authors!