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Copyright: Frank Quisinsky
Last changes: September 09th, 2019, 21:45

Additional download place from ...
John Stanback (USA) & Fabien Letouzey (France)
Ferdinand Mosca (Philippines) & Steen Suurballe (Denmark)

493.750 games are available here (SWCR1, SWCR2 & FCP rating systems)!

older material
fcp-rating-list-v4.49-complete-files.zip *1 168,207Mb  Final: 312.550 games
fcp-live-book-v4.49.zip *4 6,013Mb  Final: Opening book for Shredder GUI (477.395 moves, 86.978 lines)
swcr2-27380.zip *2 13,025Mb  Final: 27.380 games
swcr1-153820.zip *3 68,409Mb  Final: 153.820 games
my-older-tourneys_30183.zip 13,916Mb  Older swiss tourneys, CCE-Tourney, ATL1-2 and ATL4 games!
older-official-games_8829.zip 2,364Mb  8829 official computer chess games from my older CC-Calendar (1990-2006)
older-official-games_2549.zip 0,795Mb  2549 collected additional official computer chess games by Franz Huber (2006-2015)
engines / tools
  wasp_375.zip *5

dgt_pi_wasp375_ct800.zip (image file) *5

wasp_360.zip *5

wasp_350-fix2.zip *5

wasp_300.zip *5

wasp_260.zip *5

senpai_20.zip *5

senpai_10.zip *5

wasp_201.zip *5

wasp_200.zip *5

wasp_125.zip *5

wasp_102.zip *5

wasp_101.zip *5












 Wasp 3.75 by John Stanback (USA)

 Wasp 3.75 / CT800
on DGT Pi ( CT800 is a program by Rasmus Althoff)
 Please read the release information on Wasp news!

 Wasp 3.60
by John Stanback (USA)

 Wasp 3.50 fix2 by John Stanback (USA)

 Wasp 3.00 by John Stanback (USA)

 Wasp 2.60
 by John Stanback (USA)

 Senpai 2.0
by Fabien Letouzey (France)

 Senpai 1.0
by Fabien Letouzey (France)

 Wasp 2.01
by John Stanback (USA)

 Wasp 2.00 by John Stanback (USA)

 Wasp 1.25 by John Stanback (USA)

 Wasp 1.02 by John Stanback (USA)

 Wasp 1.01 by John Stanback (USA)
zarkov_older-versions.zip *5 5,202Mb  Zarkov by John Stanback (USA)
 Collection of DOS, Windows & Winboard versions!
deep-gandalf_7-beta.zip *5 5,109Mb  Deep Gandalf 7 Beta by Steen Suurballe (Denmark)
 The last version of UCI Gandalf (2006)!
gandalf_older-versions.zip *5 47,553Mb  Gandalf by Steen Suurballe (Denmark)
 Collection of DOS, Winboard / UCI versions!
ruffian_202-210.zip *5 2,904Mb  Ruffian by Perola Valfridson (Sweden)
 Support: From an old commercial project (2004), versions 2.02 / 2.10.
 Included is Ruffian 2.00 and Ruffian Leiden / opening book.
gs_v1.zip *5 2,807Mb  Version 1: Program by Ferdinand Mosca
 Split database to 6 gaming phases, depending on "pieces on board".
game-extractor_v1.3.zip *5 2,618Mb  Version 1.3: Program by Ferdinand Mosca
 Extract games based on criteria.txt file and user specified analyzing engine.
chess-game-analyzer-gui-v012.zip *5 7,951Mb  Version 0.12: Program by Ferdinand Mosca
 Takes *.pgn file and analyze the games in it with GUI!
chess-game-analyzer_v34.zip *5 3,794Mb  Version 3.4: Program by Ferdinand Mosca
 Takes *.pgn file and analyze the games in it!
universal-pgn-epd-tool_v2.zip *5 3,884Mb  Version 2: Program by Ferdinand Mosca
 Filter out games with "bad" eval after opening book moves with "other possibilities".
ccrl-cegt-tc-adaptor-calculator.zip *5 7,161Mb  Version 1.1 CCRL / Version 1.3 CEGT: Programs by Ferdinand Mosca
 Time control adaptors for your hardware!
pngs_v3.zip *5 2,945Mb  Version 3: Program by Ferdinand Mosca
 Player number of games summary, white / black proportional distribution!
mlgceg_v4.zip *5 2,860Mb  Version 4: Program by Ferdinand Mosca
 Move length and game counts with ECO generator!
sgbp_v2.zip *5 0,003Mb  Version 2: Python script by Ferdinand Mosca
 Extract games by player and color sorted by date latest first given a single *.pgn file!
pcgg_v1111.zip *5 0,004Mb  Version 1.11.1: Python script by Ferdinand Mosca
 "Piece Counts Game Generator" for statistics!
game-stat-gen_v2.zip *5 0,444Mb  Version 2: Tool by Ferdinand Mosca that created stats from *.pgn files.
pgn-selection_v1.zip *5 0,201Mb  Tool by Voker Annuss that created test sets from *.pgn files.
elostat_v13.zip *5 0,075Mb  Elo calculation program by Frank Schubert.
4men-nalimov.zip *5 30,887Mb  4men Nalimov Tablebases by Eugene Nalimov & Andrew Kadatch


*1 = Included:
games without eval / ply / time in *.pgn format
- history of all engine configuration files
history of all EloStat, Ordo, Bayeselo files, protools cross-tab

- history of all summary, ecolist, resultlist statistics by Norm Pollock
- history of all additional Bayeselo, Ordo, Shredder GUI files
- history of all games
that ended in a draw within the first 20 moves
- history of all non-completed games that ended after 300 moves

*2 = Included:
games with eval / ply / time in *.pgn format
EloStat, Ordo, Bayeselo files

- summary & ecolist stats by Norm Pollock
- ratings of all 30260 SWCR2 games

*3 = Included:
games without eval / ply / time in *.pgn format
EloStat, Ordo, Bayeselo files

- summary & ecolist stats by Norm Pollock
- ratings of all 181200 SWCR1 games

*4 = Included:
- settings, *.png files

*5 = available downloads with permissions by the authors!