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FCP Tourney-2020
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Copyright: © by Frank Quisinsky & Klaus Wlotzka
Last changes: December 04th, 2020

Engine-Configuration, Engine-Speed

FCP Tourney-2020, hardware

Operating system : Windows 10 Professional x64 on Samsung 970 EVO Plus
GUI              : Deep Shredder 12 by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen
Processor        : 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i9-10900K
                   4.9Ghz on Asus Prime Z490-A "Auto-KI"
RAM              :
Corsiar D432Gb 3200-16 Vengeance
Bench            : Total time= 41.38 seconds, nodes= 87615604, nps= 2117336
                   Bench results by Wasp 4.00 Modern x64 with 1 core


URL's to "Rating-List-Systems" / forum: 

CEGT, CCRL, FGRL, FCP final, FCP Tourney-2021


FCP Tourney-2020, parameters
For FCP Tourney-2021 ... paramaters changed!

Time of tourney  : ~280 games per day = ~146 days
Updates          : Current results will be updated 1-2 times daily
Replay           : Short draws below 20 moves, games over 300 moves
Elo              : 3035 (avg. of 41 participate eng.) set for Shredder 12 GUI
                 : 3035 GullChess 3.0 BMI2 x64 set for Bayes, EloStat, Ordo
Tournament type  : Each one against each other, 50 games per match,
                   820 games per round, 50 x 820 = 41.000 games total
Time control     : 20+5, 20 minutes game + 5 seconds move, "Fischer"
Endgame 4-man    : Syzygy, Nalimov, Gaviota, egbb & Shredderbases
Opening book     : FEOBOS 20.2 Contempt 3 Fix-4, *.bkt for Shredder 12 GUI
Cores            : 1 core, Hyperthreading = off, Large-Pages = off
Settings         : Hashtables = 768Mb, contempt = 0
                   resign = off, ponder = off, learning = off

FCP Tourney-2020, cockpit
41 of best available engines, 19 countrys
Start: June 26th, 2020 (00:30)

Tournament table
41.000 out of 41.000 games played
November 27th, 2020 (08:27)

Klaus Wlotzka (*.xlsx, Excel files)
Ratings  Cross-tab Special xlsx

Ratings after each round:
R01 R02 R03 R04 R05 R06 R07 R08 R09 R10
R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 R16 R17 R18 R19 R20
R21 R22 R23 R24 R25 R26 R27 R28 R29 R30
R31 R32 R33 R34 R35 R36 R37 R38 R39 R40
R41 R42 R43 R44 R45 R46 R47 R48 R49 R50

Cross-tab round by round:
R01 R02 R03 R04 R05 R06 R07 R08 R09 R10
R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 R16 R17 R18 R19 R20
R21 R22 R23 R24 R25 R26 R27 R28 R29 R30
R31 R32 R33 R34 R35 R36 R37 R38 R39 R40
R41 R42 R43 R44 R45 R46 R47 R48 R49 R50

Cross-tab white/black
R01-R02 R03-R04 R05-R06 R07-R08 R09-R10
R11-R12 R13-R14 R15-R16 R17-R18 R19-R20
R21-R22 R23-R24 R25-R26 R27-R28 R29-R30
R31-R32 R33-R34 R35-R36 R37-R38 R39-R40
R41-R42 R43-R44 R45-R46 R47-R48 R49-R50

short-games-stats R50,


09 06 04 03 02 02 02 02 01 01

01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 


FCP Tourney-2020, logs (News-30)

FCP Tourney-2020 files     : fcp-tourney-2020.zip, 197.174Mb (final, with Excel stats by Klaus Wlotzka)

Missed ECO codes 3x played :      0x after 41.000 games

Games over 300 moves       :     19x after 41.000 games =  0,047% (games replayed)
Short draws below 20 moves :    129x after 41.000 games =  0,315% (games replayed)

After round 50 out of 50
Short draws below 30 moves :    525x after 41.000 games =  1,281% (games not replayed)
Short draws below 40 moves :  1.488x after 41.000 games =  3,630% (games not replayed)

Short won/lost games       :    654x after 41.000 games =  1,596% (mate below 50 moves)
Short won/lost games       :  2.242x after 41.000 games =  5,469% (mate below 60 moves)

Short castlings            : 67.867x after 41.000 games = 82,765%
Long castlings             :  6.305x after 41.000 games =  7,689%
Stalemate                  :    274x after 41.000 games =  0,669%
Promotion to queen         : 26.245x after 41.000 games
Promotion to rook          :    762x after 41.000 games
Promotion to bishop        :    183x after 41.000 games
Promotion to knight        :    368x after 41.000 games



November 26th, 2020 (12:00) News-30
After I am working on the new Engine-Configuration site I saw two mistakes in the
configurations from the still running FCP Tourney-2020.

1. Nemorino 5.00 is playing without endgame bases!
2. Fritz 16 (Rybka) is playing without endgame bases!

Really bad, tomatoes ...
So, I am happy that I have now a better overview about all the configurations.
Naturally, with the next one all will be better.

I believe with 4-Man endgame bases Nemorino and Rybka are ~ 10 Elo stronger.

After all, Fritz 16 (Rybka) produced with Tablebase support a lot of time-loses. It's better
to deactivate endgame tablebases! Today a standard problem a lot of engines have before mate
and without resign-mode.


November 13th, 2020 (09:30) News-29
Games from FCP Tourney-2020 inside my Replay-Zone will be delete start of December 2020.
I will add newer games from FCP Qualify Tourney-
2021 and FCP Tourney-2021.

At the moment I added the short win games below 50 moves in Replay-Zone!


November 02nd, 2020 (09:30) News-28
Monoligh is playing since the beginning with version 2.01, not with version 2.
I saw that these days. I will not make updates in all the statistics files but I will make
a correction to the end of the tourney for the *.pgn / *.cbh databases.


September 05th, 2020 (09:30) News-27
FEOBOS v20.2 Contempt 3 Fix-4 for Shredder GUI

I made small priority corrections!


August 28th, 2020 (22:00) News-26
Klaus Wlotzka is working daily on the Excel files to the FCP Tourney-2020.

Please be informed that both files should be in the same directory (absolutely required).
- FCP Tourney 2020.xlsx
- FCP Tourney 2020-Umwandlungstool v1.0.xlsx

The second file "Umwandlungstool" is a converter tool.

You can download each time the current version over the "Cookpit, xlsx".

Direct download link: 
fcp-tourney-2020_klaus-wlotzka.zip (4,490Mb ... at the moment)




August 26th, 2020 (23:45) News-25
Short game statistic improved.

short games stats



August 26th, 2020 (00:15) News-24
FEOBOS v20.2 Contempt 3 Fix-3 for Shredder GUI
FIX-3 replaced with FIX-4, have a look in my message from September 05th, 2020 (09:30)

I made corrections for around 50 ECO codes (better priorities)!


August 25th, 2020 (12:00) News-23
Between September 07th, 2020 - ~ end of October 2020 I am most of time not at home!
The tournament is still running during this time.

Two engines made problems.
I will switched to the following Shredder GUI option:

With "Etiquette" and "Claim Forfeit on Time" I hope that the tourney will run without any problems.
An helper will check the still running matches each 1-2 days. Around November 01st, 2020 the webpage
and still running tournament will be updated.


August 15th, 2020 (15:00) News-22
I changed differernt things in *.zip download file for a better tournament organization.

- *.pgn files round by round, now the original Shredder GUI output files inside.
  I need it for "Match-Stats" (Sumo 1.7a tool by Ed Schröder).
- changed statistic files from Protools 1.6a to Sumo 1.7a.
- Ordo Elo calculation with average 3035 Elo!
  For the work Klaus Wlotzka doing clearly better as to set GullChess 3.0 BMI2 x64 to 3035 Elo.
- extra database for replayed games (games with more as 300 moves, short draw games below 20 moves)
  added in *.cbh format.
- other small changes ...


August 10th, 2020 (06:00) News-21
Somu 1.7a by Ed Schröder released!
Somu is the successor from ProTools!
It's Ed utility collection with an own GUI.
Good to see that Ed is working on it.

Another good idea to creates the 12 Piece Square Tables (PST) for the MiddleGame from a PGN database.
The tables can be used for 1) move ordering, 2) pruning decisions, 3) reduction decisions.

Read more TalkChess


August 08th, 2020 (00:30) News-20
I changed the presentation for the cross-tables from *.html to *.txt back and added in the menue system
of my site https://www.amateurschach.de links to the ratings round by round and the cross-tables.
More nice for looking!

Furthermore, I had an error on this site. With "Goolge Chrome" or "Edge" links to the cross-tables
can't be start. Sorry, I am working with Firefox / Vivaldi but fixed the problem.

Thanks you to Andreas Matthies for the bug report.


August 05th, 2020 (16:15) News-19
Somu 1.6a (fix) by Ed Schröder released today!
Somu is the successor from ProTools!
It's Ed utility collection with an own GUI.
A very nice work!


August 01st, 2020 (23:30) News-18
10 matches are still running to the same time with 4,9Ghz.
10th Generation Intel® Core� i9-10900K are working with full power!

HW-Info v6.29.4215
Very hot in the room the computer is working.
Temps are higher as normaly!

I am using a "NZXT Kraken X63" water cooling system!



July 28th, 2020 (09:30) News-17
Klaus Wlotzka is on holiday!
   For the next 2-3 weeks no statistic updates, generated with Excel, will be available!

2. File Beeinflussungsfaktoren (German language) overworked!

3. SLS/TLS: Last security updates done, please change the URL
to https://www.amateurschach.de


July 26th, 2020 (22:00) News-16
Replay-Zone for short won/lost games below 60 moves added!


July 26th, 2020 (08:30) News-15
After Round 10 the Elo average for 41 participate engines with Ordo 1.26 calculation is 3033. I
changed the Elo calculation for Shredder GUI from 3030 to 3035 Elo. Possible that I have to set
it with the next rounds higher?!

= Chess Tournament Category XXXII (32) (with 3035 Elo)


July 23rd, 2020 (23:45) News-14
FEOBOS v20.2 Contempt 3 Fix-2 for Shredder GUI

FIX-2 replaced with FIX-4, have a look in my message from September 05th, 2020 (09:30)

I made small corrections for different important opening systems!


July 22nd, 2020 (14:00) News-13
After Round 08 the Elo average for 41 participate engines with Ordo 1.26 calculation is 3029. I
changed the Elo calculation for Shredder GUI from 3020 to 3030 Elo. Possible that I have to set
it with the next rounds higher?!

= Chess Tournament Category XXXII (32) (with 3030 Elo)


July 19th, 2020 (19:30) News-12

Very interesting:
Similarity Report 2019 by Ed Schröder.


July 19th, 2020 (17:10) News-11
After Round 07 the Elo average for 41 participate engines with Ordo 1.26 calculation is 3019. I
changed the Elo calculation for Shredder GUI from 3050 to 3020 Elo. Possible that I have to set
it with the next rounds higher?!

= Chess Tournament Category XXXI (31) (with 3020 Elo)


July 18th, 2020 (16:15) News-10
PNGS stats added in download file (directory "short-games").
PNGS is a tool by Ferdinand Mosca. Ferdinand helps me a lot in times FCP Rating-List was still
running and created different "wish-tools" I asked him.

PNGS can be found in under Downloads


July 17th, 2020 (21:15) News-09
FEOBOS v20.2 Contempt 3 Fix-1 for Shredder GUI
replaced with FIX-4, have a look in my message from September 05th, 2020 (09:30)

After round 07/50 = 5.740 games, 471/500 ECO codes played = 29 missed!
Of course, FEOBOS have enough balance material to all 500 ECO codes.
Sooner or later the rarly ECO codes are played!

I made an update because 6 of the codes never can play with current settings! 

At the moment Klaus Wlotzka is working on ECO statistics.
The idea is to compare current GM-Theory of 870 players with this tournament results.
Essentially are the draw statistics. Will be available in the next few days!


July 14th, 2020 (20:00) News-08
Schooner played wonderful aggressive middlegames! In my opinion the playing-style is fantastic.
I wrote in TalkChess about it and the Schooner programmer gave interesting answers!

Schooner Chess ... the insider tip!

The Schooner programmer Denis Sceviour wrote:
Schooner has always had an extra wide null move search window. This invites piece sacrifices,
and this makes a very aggressive attacking style at just the proper moment in the game. There
is no loss (or gain) in overall elo strength for doing this; it only affects the style. With
the large additional depths now available, Schooner can often announce mate in less than
30 moves.

And the the "203 move-problem"
I have confirmed that it appears as a UCI problem only. Schooner is primarily an xboard engine.
However, I believe Shredder GUI only supports UCI engines. A fix for the UCI move 203 buffer
crash is planned for a future release. As a temporary workaround, an xboard->uci adapter might
bypass the problem but I do not have Shredder to test this.

Yes, I have not tried the Winboard mode before the tournament started. Of coures, possible with
Shredder GUI. Two ways are possible! Best way the WB2uci-x64.exe adapter. But
I don't want to
change anything at the moment
. The other way is to config Schooner directly in Shredder GUI as
"Winboard" engine. Never I used this feature.


July 13th, 2020 (22:15) News-07
An NN visitor of my tourney asked:
Why you are using Deep Shredder 12 and not Deep Shredder 13 GUI?
Easy: I can't save my favor grafic settings without to produce grafic errors.
Deep Shredder 12 GUI works fine and is in my opinion the perfect GUI for testing engines!


July 07th, 2020 (15:00) News-06
I added the final results from my FCP Rating-List.
Six engines participate on FCP Tourney-


July 05th, 2020 (23:45) News-05
I am using the own FEOBOS opening book for Shredder GUI!

More information can be found under: FEOBOS

FEOBOS 20.2 Contempt 3 simulate to 75% the GM like theory from the years 2008-2019.

I added the GM stats to FEOBOS 20.1 Contempt 3 and build FEOBOS 20.2 Contempt 3. The new FEOBOS
version using the GM stats only, not the moves. Missing moves to FEOBOS 20.1 Contempt 3 have the
inactive book priority "g"!

Most of missing lines from the following GM database are selected out in teamwork by 12 engines
(FEOBOS project). The reason for book priority "g".

GM database I build:

Modern GM theory : Without "Blitz" & "Simultan" games
Years            : 2008-2019
Database         : 86.371 games
Player           : 870
Elo average      : 2630
ELO player min.  : 2400
Draw average     : 50,73%
Player / games   : min. 30 games per player must be available in database
Missed ECO codes : 9 (A76, A82, A99, C31, C53, D67, D68, D69, E79)

Produced ...

Games            : 86.371 (finished)
White Wins       : 26.517 (30.7%)
Black Wins       : 16.034 (18.6%)
Draws            : 43.820 (50.7%)
Unfinished       : 0
White Perf.      : 56.1%
Black Perf.      : 43.9%
ECO A00-A99      : 13.887 games (16.1%)
ECO B00-B99      : 19.723 games (22.8%)
ECO C00-C99      : 17.334 games (20.1%)
ECO D00-D99      : 20.324 games (23.5%)
ECO E00-E99      : 15.103 games (17.5%)

Important for that idea are the following book-settings for Shredder GUI:

1.Nf3 & 1c4 should have around 14-15% or to many A00-A99, not enough E00-E99 games will be the result.

Book settings from FEOBOS 20.2 Fix 3 for Shredder GUI!



July 04th, 2020 (22:00) News-04
- statistic to fast games with ranking available!


July 02nd, 2020 (09:00) News-03
- Klaus Wlotzka helps with a workup for statistic files, thank you again!
- all of files around the tourney now available in one *.zip only!


June 27th, 2020 (23:15) News-02
Marvin 3.60 POP x64 have massive problems with "Fischer" time controls. Marvin uses too much time
for the first moves. The problem should be solved! Engine replaced with Rodent IV 0.22 POP x64
24 games replayed!


June 26th, 2020 (22:45) News-01
3 wrong versions added (I forgot PEXT). Ethereal, Demolito & Monolith changed from POP to PEXT.
33 games replayed!
Hint by
Andreas Stangmüller
FGRL, thank you!