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® Copyright: Frank Quisinsky
Last changes: April 27th, 2017, 05:45

new-opening-book_v02.13.zip 54.300Mb
new-opening-book_v02.13-main.zip 16.594Mb (*.pgn, *.epd, *.xlsx, *.ods files / working files)


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Update History, Readme 1 (database), Readme 2 (opening book)


Update History

Next update after Fire 5 POP x64 analysis!

- April 27th, 2017: Ferdinand Mosca (Philippines) is working on a "Position Explorer" http://poseval.bitballoon.com/
- April 19th & 21st, 2017, v02.12 & v02.13: Some bugfixes in different of the current v02 files!
- April 18th, 2017, v02.11: Updates in *.xlsx & *.ods files!
- April 17th, 2017, v02.1: Statistics in LibreOffice & MS Excel 2007-2016 format.
- April 16th, 2017, v02.0: After Shredder 13 x64 analysis!
- April 02nd, 2017, v01.1: After Shredder 13 x64 analysis by Terence Rattray (Canada) & engine analysis by Dann Corbit (USA)!
- March 27th, 2017, v01.0: After Houdini 5.01 Pro x64 analysis!
- March 12th, 2017, Beta-v03.3: Game Extractor 1.3 by Ferdinand Mosca (Philippines) replaced!
- March 12th, 2017, Beta-v03.2: Game Extractor 1.2 by Ferdinand Mosca (Philippines) replaced!
- March 10th, 2017, Beta-v03.1: Game Extractor 1.1 by Ferdinand Mosca (Philippines) added!
- March 07th, 2017, Beta-v03.0: Main files for this project!

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Readme 1

Development of a basic database in *.pgn file format

Time of project: ~ 6-8 months

You can find here a collection of selected "FCP Rating List" games (~ 80%), newer missed
grandmasters theory games from 2014-2016 (~ 5%) and additional game material on rare
opening lines which I haven't at first (~ 15%).

Games are from selected "FCP Rating List" material based on my own "FCP Live Book", that
were under many years of development. With my own "FCP Live Book" engines try to find often
new lines on its own after the end of ECO code lines.

Summarized, my basics comes from:

- high quality TOP-50 computer chess games on Intel® Core™ i7-4770K hardware with 4Ghz and
  40 moves in 10 minutes with an Elo average from around ~ 2950-2975.
  Please have a look under: http://www.amateurschach.de/main/_conditions.htm
  80% of these material aren't susceptible for fast 3-fold-repetition.

- high quality correspondence games
- high quality grandmaster games
  I am working most of times with Chessbase & TWIC databases.

Before I start the project, beta-v01.pgn was cleaned and where analyzed with:

1. beta-v02.pgn = Stockfish January 16th, 2017 BMI2 x64
   Setting: > 0.50 / -0.30
2. beta-v03.pgn = Komodo 10.3 BMI2 x64
   Setting: > 0.50 / -0.30

- Intel® Core™ i7-4770K, 4.1 GHz
- 4 cores, used 8 cores (4x Hyperthreading)
- Windows 7 Professional x64
- 2Gb for hash tables
- 30 seconds per end position
- eval = 0.50 / -0.30

Note: The files are inside in download directory!

Main interest:

- a strong PGN database for engine-engine matches / tourneys / rating list systems.
- a strong PGN database for openings book developers.
- a strong PGN database for Arena Chess GUI "PGN-Random" feature.
- a strong PGN database for building test-sets for engine research.

- opening book in Shredder Classic GUI *.bkt format
  I am still working on it!

- opening book in Polyglot format (will be later available).
- opening book for Wasp by John Stanback (will be later available).

Additional information:

- "move transpositions" are included (important for opening book developers).
- length of lines = 3 moves after the ECO code was formed, minimal 4-6 moves.
  Please have a look in the file: beta-v01_eco-codes-length.txt
- nevertheless, enough _balanced_ lines to all 500 ECO codes are inside in beta-v03.pgn

Note: To many of ECO codes it isn't easy to find _balanced_ lines!
      Good examples: A51, A59, A64, A74, B85, C38, C58, C74, D62, E80, E85, E87

"Let's find the engines better theory moves"

Current status

10 engines will be analysed the same and important: beta-v03_endpos-n.epd

beta-v03_endpos-n.epd = without dublicates (move-transpositions, end position)
beta-v03_without-dublicates.pgn = without dublicates (move-transpositions, end position)
beta-v03.pgn = with move-transpositions (important for opening books)

- Intel® Core™ i7-5930K, 4.3 GHz
- 6 cores, used 10 cores (4x Hyperthreading)
- Windows 10 Professional x64
- 4Gb for hash tables
- 60 seconds per end position

v01 : Houdini 5.01 Pro x64, final
      Setting: > 0.65 / -0.40
      Result: 838 found = 3.20%

v02 : Shredder 13 x64, final
      Setting: > 0.50 / -0.30
      Result: 438 found = 1.67%

v03 : Fire 5 POP x64, still running
      Setting: > 0.50 / -0.30

v04 : Wasp 2.00 BMI2 x64, soon as next!
v05 : Chiron X x64
v06 : Booot X POP x64
v07 : Fizbo X BMI2 x64
v08 : Andscacs X BMI2 x64
v09 : Stockfish X BMI2 x64
v10 : Komodo X BMI2 x64

= 26.146 positions x 1 minute x 10 engines = 261.460 minutes
= 261.460 minutes : 60 (in hours) : 24 (in days) = 181,56 days analyze time
= 18,15 days for a final engine result!

Used material:

- International opening keys by Sergiu Samarian, ISBN: 3-88805-299-8
- Small Encyclopedia of chess openings, ISBN: 978-86-7297-060-9

- eco.pgn by David J. Barnes, https://www.cs.kent.ac.uk/people/staff/djb/pgn-extract/
- Tools: 40H chess tools by Norm Pollock, http://40h.000webhostapp.com/
  epdOrder.exe, epdList.exe, epdInsert, idOpcode.exe, epdFin.exe, pgnFin.cmd, epdTrim.exe,
  truncate.exe, summary.exe, ecolist.exe
- Tool: PGN Extract by David J. Barnes, https://www.cs.kent.ac.uk/people/staff/djb/pgn-extract/
- Tool: ELOstat by Dr. Frank Schubert, http://www.amateurschach.de/main/_download.htm
- Tools by Ferdinand Mosca, http://www.amateurschach.de/main/_download.htm
- Program: Chessbase 14, http://www.chessbase.com
- Program: Shredder 13 by Stephan Meyer-Kahlen, http://www.shredderchess.com
- Program: Notepad ++ by Dan Ho, https://notepad-plus-plus.org/

- OS: Windows 10 Professional x64, Windows 7 Professional x64
- Engines for analyses, http://www.amateurschach.de/main/_engines.htm

Helping persons:

- Norm Pollock, USA
  without Norm and his tools and helps all isn't possible!
- Ferdinand Mosca, Philippines
  Created a game extractor program to extract games in pgn format from a given pgn file
  and epd file with analysis or ce opcode.
- Timo Haupt, Germany
  will be checked by engines reject lines!
- Dann Corbit, USA (engine analysis)
- Terence Rattray, Canada (engine analysis)

Other helps are welcome anytime!

April 16th, 2017 (08:00)
Frank Quisinsky, Trier (Germany)

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Readme 2

Development of an opening book for Shredder Classic GUI in *.bkt opening book file format!
Later the same in polyglot and Wasp format will be available!


Note: Please be informed that this are work files only and not ready yet!
      At the moment I am working on step 4 & 5.

### step 1 (Modul 1)


International Opening Keys by Sergiu Samarian
ISBN: 3.88805-299-8 (Beyer-Verlag)
June, 10th 1923 Chişineu-Criş, Romania – June, 03rd 1991, Heidelberg
was a Romanian–German chess master and coach!

Edit by Frank Quisinsky for Shredder Classic GUI by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen!

Priority’s set by hand compared to Grandmaster theory!

Please have a look in the file:

The new opening book will be later a _near to perfect_ simulation to grandmasters
theory games maybe to ~ 90%! Same as my "FCP Live Book" in the past.

File: a00-e99_samarian.bkt
= 5.180 moves / 2.781 lines

### step 2 (Modul 1)

Interesting is to copy the eco.pgn by David J. Barnes over that work as step 2.

David J. Barnes is informed about my project and gave his permission!

File: a00-e99_samarian-barnes.bkt
= 7.517 moves / 3.283 lines

For the moment 2.337 new moves / 502 lines (comes from David J. Barnes eco.pgn)
have no priorities. Will be corrected with step 4.

### step 3 (Modul 1)

Interesting is to copy the own collected material over that work as step 3.
Important that later all good known opening lines are included with a length
of 4 moves. Gambit ideas too! Otherwise we can't speak from a "basic" book.

Very important:
All the not balanced opening lines will be later deactivated with priority "g".

Own collected high quality material to all opening keys
Length = 4 moves (8 half moves)

File: a00-e99_samarian-barnes-quisinsky.bkt
= 28.226 moves / 13.499 lines

For the moment the material from step 2 and step 3 have no priorities.
Will be corrected with step 4.

### step 4 (Modul 1)
This step need a while!
Start working around middle of March 2017 with beta-v3 files!

- fine tuning with priorities inside the ECO codes.
- fine tuning with the material from engine analyses.

Priority "g" will be = deactivated moves from Samarian / Barnes / Quisinsky
(bad lines / not balanced lines / lines not checked with engine analysis)

File: a00-e99_basics.bkt
= ... moves!

### step 5 (Modul 2)
This step need a while and is still running undo ~ middle of September 2017.

The error-free opening lines (after engine analysis) can be imported very easy.
10 engines will analysed the positions I collected!

March 07th, 2017 (05:15)
Frank Quisinsky, Trier (Germany)

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