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by Frank Quisinsky,
... current version: 04.01
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® FEOBOS Copyright: Frank Quisinsky (Germany)
® Excel tables Copyright: Klaus Wlotzka (Germany)
® Game-Extractor & Positions Explorer Copyright: Ferdinand Mosca (Philippines)

Last changes: May 24th, 2017, 19:00


project-files_v04.01-complete.zip = 92.951Mb (all project files included).

project-files_v04.00-databases.zip = 16.500Mb (project database files included only): *.pgn, *.epd, *.cbh files)
game-extractor_v1.3.04.zip = 12.253Mb (Ferdinand Mosca: Extract games based on criteria.txt file and user specified analyzing engine)
excel-statistics_v04.34.zip = 31.420Mb (Klaus Wlotzka: Professional Excel files with a lot of possibilities, set your wish settings!)
FEOBOS v4.0 (opening books in *.bkt & *.ctg file format)


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Update History, Readme

Update History

- May 24th, 2017:   v04.01: Excel tables: Wasp results added! Some bugfixes in my files.
- May 24th, 2017:   v04.00: After Wasp 2.01 BMI2 x64 analysis.

- May 23rd, 2017:   NEWS  : I need some changes in Excel files. Klaus can do that start of June!
                            Updates for Excel tables & FEOBOS opening books with "draw rejects" will be available start of June!

- May 17th, 2017:   v03.40: Excel tables: English translation much better now, a friend helps here!
- May 12th, 2017:   v03.34: Klaus Wlotzka sent v034 of his Excel tables (technical changes for copy *.epd files).
- May 09th, 2017:   v03.33: Klaus Wlotzka sent v033 of his Excel tables (English translation ready for take off on runway v033).
- May 08th, 2017:   v03.20: Some bufixes in my files.
- May 07th, 2017:   v03.11: Klaus Wlotzka sent v032 of his Excel tables (small changes, formulae translated in English language).
- May 07th, 2017:   v03.10: Klaus Wlotzka sent v031 of his Excel tables (now with move stats and many other features).
- May 06th, 2017:   v03.02: Klaus Wlotzka sent v021 of his Excel tables (bugfix in worksheet: Eval-Out).
- May 06th, 2017:   Stefan Pohl, FEOBOS with Stefan's strong idea "positions with queens on board only"!
- May 06th, 2017:   v03.01: Klaus Wlotzka sent v020 of his Excel tables (some bugfixes, new start worksheet, nice optical changes).
- May 06th, 2017:   FEOBOS v3.0 opening book for Shredder Classic GUI & ChessBase Fritz GUI is available (prototyp).
- May 06th, 2017:   v03.00: Klaus Wlotzka created professional Excel tables for my opening book project. An absolute highlight!
- May 06th, 2017:   v03.00: After Fire 5 POP x64 analysis.
- May 01st, 2017:   v02.16: The important databases of current & rejected pos. fixed (with black / white Elo).
- April 28th, 2017: v02.14: The important databases of current & rejected pos. updated (now complete).
- April 27th, 2017: Ferdinand Mosca is working on a Position Explorer http://poseval.bitballoon.com/
- April 21st, 2017: v02.13: Some bugfixes in different of the current v02 files.
- April 16th, 2017: v02.00: After Shredder 13 x64 analysis.
- April 02nd, 2017: v01.10: After Shredder 13 x64 analysis by Terence Rattray & engine analysis by Dann Corbit.
- March 27th, 2017: v01.00: After Houdini 5.01 Pro x64 analysis.
- March 12th, 2017: Beta-v03.30: Game Extractor 1.3 by Ferdinand Mosca replaced.
- March 12th, 2017: Beta-v03.20: Game Extractor 1.2 by Ferdinand Mosca replaced.
- March 10th, 2017: Beta-v03.10: Game Extractor 1.1 by Ferdinand Mosca added.
- March 07th, 2017: Beta-v03.00: Main files for this project.

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Development of a basic database in *.pgn file format

Time of project: ~ 1 year

You can find here a collection of selected "FCP Rating List" games (~ 80%), newer missed
grandmasters theory games from 2014-2016 (~ 5%) and additional game material on rare
opening lines which I haven't at first (~ 15%).

Games are from selected "FCP Rating List" material based on my own "FCP Live Book", that
were under many years of development. With my own "FCP Live Book" engines try to find often
new lines on its own after the end of ECO code lines.

Summarized, my basics comes from:

- high quality TOP-50 computer chess games on Intel® Core™ i7-4770K hardware with 4Ghz and
  40 moves in 10 minutes with an Elo average from around ~ 2950-2975.
  Please have a look under: http://www.amateurschach.de/main/_conditions.htm
  80% of these material aren't susceptible for fast 3-fold-repetition.

- high quality correspondence games
- high quality grandmaster games
  I am working most of times with Chessbase & TWIC databases.

Before I start the project, "beta-v01.pgn" was cleaned and where analyzed with:

1. "beta-v02.pgn" = Stockfish January 16th, 2017 BMI2 x64
   Setting: > 0.50 / -0.30
2. "beta-v03.pgn" = Komodo 10.3 BMI2 x64
   Setting: > 0.50 / -0.30

- Intel® Core™ i7-4770K, 4.3 GHz
- 4 cores, used 8 cores (4x Hyperthreading)
- Windows 7 Professional x64
- 2Gb for hashtables
- 30 seconds per end position
- eval = 0.50 / -0.30

Note: The files are inside the bigger download directory!

Main interest:

- a strong PGN database for engine-engine matches / tourneys / rating list systems.
- a strong PGN database for openings book developers.
- a strong PGN database for Arena Chess GUI "PGN-Random" feature.
- a strong PGN database for building test-sets for engine research.

- opening book in Shredder Classic GUI *.bkt format
  current versions will be available during the project-time, called FEOBOS

- opening book in Polyglot format (will be later available).
- opening book for Wasp by John Stanback (will be later available).

Additional information:

- move transpositions are included (important for opening book developers).
- length of lines = 3 moves after the ECO code was formed, minimal 4-6 moves.
  Please have a look in the file: "beta-v01_eco-codes-length.txt"
- nevertheless, enough _balanced_ lines to all 500 ECO codes are inside in "beta-v03.pgn"

Note: To many of ECO codes it isn't easy to find _balanced_ lines!
      Good examples: A51, A59, A64, A74, B85, C38, C58, C74, D62, E80, E85, E87

Let's find the engines better theory moves with a strong database for it!

Current status:

10 engines will be analysed the same and important: "beta-v03_endpos-n.epd"

"beta-v03_endpos-n.epd" = without dublicates (move-transpositions, end position)
"beta-v03_without-dublicates.pgn" = without dublicates (move-transpositions, end positions)
"beta-v03.pgn" = with move-transpositions (important for building opening books)

- Intel® Core™ i7-5930K, 4.3 GHz
- 6 cores, used 10 cores (4x Hyperthreading)
- Windows 10 Professional x64
- 4Gb for hash tables
- 60 seconds per end position

v05: Setting: > 0.65 / -0.40, Chrion 4 x64, still running
     Result: 000 found = 0.00%

* Situation after v04:
1.660 of 26.146 lines without "mt" rejected = 6.34% (24.486 lines)
3.639 of 81.963 lines with "mt" rejected = 4.43% (78.324 lines)

v04: Setting: > 0.65 / -0.35, Wasp 2.01 BMI2 x64
     Result: 424 found = 1.62%

* Situation after v03:
1.402 of 26.146 lines without "mt" rejected = 5.36% (24.744 lines)
3.059 of 81.963 lines with "mt" rejected = 3.73% (78.904 lines)

v03: Setting: > 0.50 / -0.30, Fire 5 POP x64
     Result: 332 found = 1.26%

* Situation after v02:
1.199 of 26.146 lines without "mt" rejected = 4.58% (24.947 lines)
2.630 of 81.963 lines with "mt" rejected = 3.20% (79.333 lines)

v02: Setting: > 0.50 / -0.30, Shredder 13 x64
     Result: 438 found = 1.67%

v01: Setting: > 0.65 / -0.40, Houdini 5.01 Pro x64
     Result: 838 found = 3.20%

Initial situation after beta-v03 ("mt" = move transpositions)
26.146 lines without "mt" = 81.963 lines with "mt"

--- comming soon ---

v06: Booot X POP x64
v07: Texel X BMI2 x64
v08: Andscacs X BMI2 x64
v09: Stockfish X BMI2 x64
v10: Komodo X BMI2 x64

= 26.146 positions x 1 minute x 10 engines = 261.460 minutes
= 261.460 minutes : 60 (in hours) : 24 (in days) = 181,56 days analyze time
= 18,15 days for a final engine result!

Used material:

- International opening keys by Sergiu Samarian, ISBN: 3-88805-299-8
- Small Encyclopedia of chess openings, ISBN: 978-86-7297-060-9
- different other sources of games!

- Excel: Professional Excel tables by Klaus Wlotzka
- Tools: 40H chess tools by Norm Pollock, http://40h.000webhostapp.com/
  "epdOrder.exe", "epdList.exe", "epdInsert", "idOpcode.exe", "epdFin.exe", "pgnFin.cmd",
  "epdTrim.exe", "truncate.exe", "summary.exe" & "ecolist.exe"
- Tool: PGN Extract by David J. Barnes, https://www.cs.kent.ac.uk/people/staff/djb/pgn-extract/
- Tool: ELOstat by Dr. Frank Schubert, http://www.amateurschach.de/main/_download.htm
- Tools by Ferdinand Mosca, http://www.amateurschach.de/main/_download.htm
- Program: Chessbase 14, http://www.chessbase.com
- Program: Fritz 15, http://www.chessbase.com
- Program: Shredder 13 by Stephan Meyer-Kahlen, http://www.shredderchess.com
- Program: Notepad ++ by Dan Ho, https://notepad-plus-plus.org/

- OS: Windows 10 Professional x64, Windows 7 SP1 Professional x64
- Engines for analyses, http://www.amateurschach.de/main/_engines.htm

Helping persons:

- Norm Pollock, USA
  without Norm and his tools and helps all isn't possible!
- Ferdinand Mosca, Philippines
  Created a "Game Extractor" to extract games in *.pgn format from a given pgn file!
  Created a "Positions Explorer" and epd file with analysis or ce opcode!
- Klaus Wlotzka, Germany
  Created professional Excel files with a lot of statistics!
- Timo Haupt, Germany
  will be checked by engines reject lines.
- Dann Corbit, USA (engine analysis)
- Terence Rattray, Canada (engine analysis)
- Stefan Pohl, Germany
  some helps and hints!

Other helps are welcome anytime!

May 24th, 2017 (02:00)
Frank Quisinsky, Trier (Germany)

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FEOBOS v4.0 (May 24th, 2017)
rank's Encyclopaedia Of Balanced Opening Systems

Note: Please be informed that FEOBOS v4.0 based on work files after engine analysis v04 and isn't ready yet!
Sure we can speak from a ultra strong "prototyp".

Download: feobos_v4.0.zip (7.470Mb)

126.343 moves based on
78.324 lines with move transpositions!
3 moves after A00-E99 ECO codes formed!

Opening Book 1 for Shredder Classic GUI

117.749 moves based on
24.486 lines without move transpositions!
3 moves after A00-E99 ECO codes formed!

Opening Book 2 for Shredder Classic GUI
*** An opening book with a perfect calculation of probabillities (Prob) ***

You have to set the "IMPORTANT Book Options" under Shredder Classic GUI!
Priority's & 1-0, 0:1 stats no longer necessary with a clean database!

feobos by Frank Quisinsky

And the same for Chessbase Fritz GUI


Highest length in one of the 500 ECO codes is 17 moves!
Variety of play is optimal with 222, it is required or ECO codes A02, A03 never played!
Shredder Classic GUI made it better with 0.1% steps as Chessbase Fritz GUI with 0.4% steps!

Furthermore, 7.0% for 1.c4 and 6.2% for 1.Sf3 is more logical as 9.4% for 1.c4 and 8.6% for 1.Sf3
(the opening book without move transpositions).
But OK, FEOBOS take up one's new job in both graphical user interfaces (GUI).

febos by Frank Quisinsky

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